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LeMans Corner Unit:

The LeMans blind corner system is an excellent way to maximize space in your kitchen. The smooth operating, full swing LeMans blind corner shelf system replaces the turning and swinging of a Lazy Susan into one flawless motion. Top and bottom shelves pivot independently and travel completely out from the corner cabinet providing maximum access. With LeMans, a simple base corner cabinet becomes the high-tech, space optimizing showpiece of any kitchen.

The LeMans blind corner system is an excellent way to use all that lost space in a blind corner.


• Soft closing action.
• Height of door hinge must be considered.
• Shelves are height adjustable every 2″.
• For full height door and door/drawer applications.
• Internal cabinet height: min. 22″.
• Swinging curves – fluid, emotion-laden, harmonious action.
· Kinematics with 4 pivot points
· Minimal force required for silky-smooth movements
· All stored contents swing out in front of the unit
· Easy height changes
• The unit adapts to the contents.
· Trays move independently
· Solid support arms
· 55 pound payload
· Fully functional at 85° door opening angle
• No risk of handles colliding.
• Easy to integrate in existing production processes.
· Available in left or right swing
· Shelves should be positioned above or below door hinges
· For inset doors, door opening must (- 1″) dimension listed below for door clearance.
· Minimum inside cabinet height: 711 mm (28”)
· Maximum load per shelf: 55 lbs.

· Minimum door opening: 90º

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