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Convoy Pantry Pullouts:

These Convoy Pantry Pullouts provide enough space to store all the groceries for a household in one centrally positioned unit with a very small footprint. A light touch moves the entire contents out in front of the unit – for a clear view from two or three sides and very fast access. It makes kitchen work much easier, it saves time and effort and it avoids the risk of items being forgotten at the back of the cupboard. Together the fridge and the Convoy create a complete storage center in a contemporary fitted kitchen.

The Pantry Convoy Units are available in two options. If you like to include these upgraded pullouts in your kitchen, please contact your Muller Cabinetry Designer to express your interest.


1.     CONVOY Centro: this pantry unit is mounted on the back of your cabinet door, and pulls out towards you with access from two sides. Benefits include:
·   Single-tube support frame and “floating” trays.
·   Frame concealed behind the front door.
·   Absolutely smooth action.
·   Damped closing and opening.
·   Noiseless opening and closing.
·   Change tray height steplessly and easily.
·   Full overview of everything inside.
·   Available in 3 interior heights.
·   Available in 3 widths.
·   Weight capacity: 290 lbs.
·   Top shelf is installed on a fixed shelf.
·   Shelves come in grey anti-slip bottom with a glass and chrome railing.
·   Shelves come with anti-slip coating and CARB certified melamine.
2.     CONVOY Lavido: this pantry unit slides out of the cabinet, moving directly towards you so that you can access from three sides. Benefits include:
·   The unit comes with one frame, one runner and 4/5 shelves depending on the available height.
·   3 different heights of frames.
·   3 different widths of shelves are available: 400mm (153/4”), 450mm (17.34”), 550mm (21 5/8”).
·   Shelves come in grey anti-slip bottom with a glass and chrome railing.
·   Shelves are accessible from three sides and with infinitely variable height adjustment.
·   Straightforward assembly: one standout feature of Convoy Lavido is the ease of installation.
·   Convoy Lavido is a great storage solution for units with hinged doors; it is not attached to the door which makes it more versatile.
·   Weight capacity: 270 lbs.
·   Smooth closing device included.
·   Completely synchronized runner providing soft opening and closing.
·   Shelves come with anti-slip coating and CARB certified melamine.
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